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Broadcast Video Camera




From the creative process

to getting your business

in front of the right people.


10 years of organic and paid social media experience has us ready to expose your business, generate you leads and stay up to date with the times. 

Content Creation


Sharp, clean and professional content creation services for your business or event.

Website creation, clean copy and forward thinking are critical and we have you covered. 


High quality stills are critical for when "the moment" happens or you have pride in your product.


Product photos, headshots, weddings and events. 

Event and Product Audio/Visual


Capture your story, products you're proud of or lifetime memories cleanly and professionally.


Events, commercials, interviews and music videos. 


Video Production


Stunning, professional and broadcast quality video. Hi resolution formatting captures the moment with modern clarity and detail. However, without great audio, audiences won't enjoy the content. We take utmost pride in our ability to record, mix, sound design and master great sounding audio for your video. 

Video Accessories


We believe that to take great stills, you should remain alert, creative, make talent comfortable and be aggressive to take capture the most candid and planned moments. That's before the gear, but having cameras and lenses that behave well in low light, have lighting kits prepared for situations and delivering with creative and subjective edits adds the finishing touch. 

7 Stops Creative Agency Logo.png
The Wall of Ideas


A website is like the highest level business card. When you hand out your info to people, you should be handing out who you are, the "feel" your business ethics exude and the pride of ownership you have within yourself. We don't short change you on this important aspect and consult you to understand your vision so we have the understanding to put that vision on display.

***Important side note, we optimize your website for both desktop computers AND mobile phones/tablets. Wondering the difference? Just look at this very site on your desktop computer and then check it out on your phone (or vice/versa).



It all starts with how you look before you share your brand.
As noted above, we are committed to having your brand aesthetically prepared before and during the pushing of your content. 

With over 10 years of organic and paid social media experience, we then drive your media to the right places to get your brand seen.


From there, all you have to do is convert the leads. 



Let's discuss who you are, your why and how you want your first impression to be a great one. 


We can either brainstorm as a team or leave it to us to configure strategies for what outlets we can push your content to.

Typing on a Laptop


Snazzy, catchy (and any other adjective you want to add) copywriting is important to your brand.

A potential client can literally see hundreds of ads within their week. How are you different and how will you grab them?

Let's Get Started! 

Thanks for submitting!

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